Can Women Also Benefit From Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss in women is not for the same reasons as hair loss in men. 
First of all, the doctor investigates the cause of hair loss.
 As a result of the investigations and examinations carried out, the patient is operated with the same hair transplantation operation as performed on men. 
Further transplant treatments can be applied if weak hair follicles are detected after the hair transplant operation.
This is a good choice for  patients to increase the density of thinning areas.
The back of the head should be used as the donor area, as this is where the hair is most dense.
Follicle and tissue enlargement procedures can be used in patients who suffer intense hair loss.
Male pattern hair loss in WOMEN:
TYPE I: Visible thinning in the hairs on the head, starting 1-3 cm behind the anterior hairline
TYPE II: Advanced thinning on the top of the head
TYPE III: Total baldness on the top of the head.
Differences between hair loss in men and women:
Hair loss in women starts later than men. As men age, the frequency of hair loss increases. There is no such increase in women. 
Hair loss in women affects larger areas. In men, the back and sides of the hair are usually protected but the front hairline and top of the head starts to get balder.