Can people tell that you have had a hair transplantation operation?

Our patients who come for hair transplantation can achieve a natural look by thickening their hair and creating a new hairline.
No one wants other people to be able to tell that they have had a hair transplantation operation. Therefore your hair line, your face, eyes and eyebrows will be examined to find the best hairline for you. If the hairline is not formed properly, the hairline will not look natural, even if the operation has been successful. This is why the right transplantation, the right analysis and the formation of the correct hairline are important factors.
While making the decision your opinion is taken into consideration. In males, there is a natural image that goes from the bottom to the sides in a slightly V-shape.  This shape can change from person to person. The goal is to perform the most natural transplantation possible for the patient's face.
Hair transplantation is performed every year with new techniques and developments. People used to be able to tell  if a person has had a transplantation operation. Nowadays, much more natural transplantations can be performed thanks to the new techniques and technologies.