What Is Hair Transplantation?

People lose their hair due to a variety of reasons. Hair loss can be seen in both of men and women. The problem of hair loss is seen in every nine males starting from the age of 18. This appears as a hair thinning process and affects men throughout their lives and it also affects the individual physically and mentally. It affects 25% of men until the age of 25,   40% until the age of 40, and 50% until the age of 50 years. Male pattern baldness can occur on both sides of the forehead and at the top of the head, as well as the entire head. In women, hair loss is more likely to manifest itself in the form of sparse hair. Prior to hair transplantation, the type of hair loss must be examined by a specialist physician. Many diseases, hormonal and metabolic disorders and nutritional effects can trigger hair loss. Baldness has an underlying genetic cause that prevents the hair from growing back.
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which is the latest hair transplantation technique applied in the world and Turkey is a hair-planting operation that produces natural results while taking the hair and transplanting the hair. The FUE method is the transfer of the live hair follicles taken from the scalp to the hairless part of the scalp one by one. In FUE method, no scalpel is used in the donor area. There are no stitches used or there is no mark left on the area from which the hair follicles are taken. Without causing any complications to the patient, this operation helps restore the hair of those who suffer from the hair loss without interfering with their daily life.
You can wash your hair 3 days after the operation. With lotion and shampoo  which recommended by our specialist, you should wash your hair for 1 time a day for about 10 days and make sure you do not make any normal massage movements in the transplantation area. You will apply the lotion recommended by our specialist and leave it on for 20 minutes The lotion is absorbed in 20 minutes and softens the skin. With the recommended shampoo, the nape region is washed with normal washing motions. The transplanted area is shampooed with gentle motions. After all this wash process is completed, the area is rinsed for a long time. After 10 days you can wash your hair with your recommended shampoo and with your own rhythm, once the scabs are gone.  
If you need to work in a dirty environment for the first 3 days after hair transplantation, you should definitely take protective measures and you should not apply hairspray or gel to your hair for the first month. After 2-3 weeks, the transplanted hairs may fall, but you don't have to worry. The transplanted hair will start to grow again in 2-6 months.