What to do before The Hair Transplantation?

• Do not take any medication (aspirin, fever medicine, .) that dilutes the blood 2 weeks before the operation.
• Do not drink alcohol for  10 days before the operation.
• Stop taking vitamins B and E and multivitamins 2 weeks before.
• Do not use lotions or medicines that will affect hair and scalp.
• Do not drink caffeinated beverages in the morning of the operation.
• Wash your hair before you come to the operation. Wear front zippered clothing or shirts.
• Have your breakfast before you come to the operation, and you should have a light lunch in the afternoon.
• If you have a drug you take regularly; if you have had an operation or a disease; if you workout regularly or have any allergies, you should inform your doctor.
• We care about all the details for a better operation result ...