When will the transplanted hair grows?

After the transplantation, the  hair crust keep falling slowly for about a month after the 10th wash. In some cases, shedding of the transplanted hair differs from person to another . In very rare cases, some of the 70% of the transplanted hair in some people will continue to grow without shedding. In general, 90-95% of those who get hair transplant  will shed their hair. However, this should not cause any concern. The hair shed starts regrowing after two months from the operation date .After 6-8 months, 75/80% of the hair grows back. The complete growth of the transplanted hair continues up to 1 year. In this process, it is useful to take care of your hair by consulting with your center and your specialist and exchanging ideas. It should not be forgotten that a good operation outcome is as important as choosing the right healthcare center, as well as paying attention to one's health and well-being.