Turkey has harbors well-trained people in the healthcare sector. They can easily communicate with foreign language-speaking doctors and health workers. Health tourists, can easily get answers to any question. In addition, both before and after the surgery, the doctors and nurses inform the health tourists for them to feel satisfied. Demand for thermal tourism is higher in northern European and Scandinavian countries, especially in rheumatic diseases that occur due to climate disadvantages. Our country, which has relative advantages in terms of climate, price, security, and transportation, is advantageous in terms of medical tourism, spa & wellness and spa tourism, elderly and sports tourism. In addition,given its geographical proximity, nature and climatic conditions of the country and cultural similarity factors, Turkey is well positioned to be an important health and thermal tourism destination among the Middle East countries. Significant increases have been recorded in travels from the Middle East countries to our country thanks to the recent visa exemptions, and other political and cultural relations. Due to the high cost of health care in developed countries, there is a growing tendency for health services to be provided from lower-cost countries in order to reduce the cost of treatment services for patients. Following Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, the insurance companies in Germany and the Netherlands have agreed to meet the cost of their patients that will be sent to Turkey for thermal treatments. This constitutes an important market share in terms of thermal tourism in our country. Health tourism will show an even faster growth in the future in our country if care for people's health increases, health care services become competitive and cost differences remain the main factor. It is expected that demand for plastic surgery will continue to increase in particular, and there will be a significant demand for overseas services. It is also expected that this field will even replace the demands for heart surgeries, which is the main source of the health tourism. Turkey is ready to provide nearly 1 billion people from its neighboring countries with high quality and affordable health care services. Soon our country will be the number one in the world when it comes to health tourism. Hence, the health tourism is a really comprehensive field. This sector is a type of tourism that helps people get regain their health in a different country with better opportunities and is rapidly growing.