Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is the injection of various medicines containing hair minerals and vitamins needed to increase the blood circulation on the scalp. Mesotherapy is an additional method to improve and control hair loss.

 The purposeis toinject vitamins necessary to the scalp. This method is used on the face and scalp. With mesotherapy, the vitamins that are missing from the hair follicles are given in small doses and directly to the hair follicle.It is expected that the effect will be achieved in a short time. Hair Mesotherapy can be applied locally, stimulating cell metabolism in the desired region, stopping hair loss, increasing the quality of existing hair and activating hair growth.

Mesotherapy can be beneficial for severe, seasonal and hair loss caused by metabolic problems and sudden hair loss after pregnancy.

This procedure, which is performed by specialist surgeons, takes about 10-15 minutes. Sessions are administered once a week. Depending on the degree of the hair loss, it lasts a total of 8 sessions. The first 4 sessions are administered once a week and the remaining 2 sessions are administered every 30 days for the last 2 sessions every 15 days. Then the cure is completed.

It is possible to see positive changes after 4 sessions. Whatever happens, every tissue benefits from vitamins that increase oxygenation and stop aging. Hair follicles respond to the vitamins directly injected into the scalp either by growing fast or expanding the diameter of the hair follicles.

The side effects are minimal compared to other methods, and the low cost of superficial intra-dermal or subcutaneous administration enhances the active-bioavailability of the drug.

There are many types of medicines used in mesotherapy. It is important that these medicines are approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration).